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Revive7 Hydrating Eye Pads

Revive7 Hydrating Eye Pads

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Revive7 Hydrating Eye Pads help soothe, cool and hydrate the under eye area. 

In a matter of hours, our eye pads effectively hydrate the under eye area, making wrinkles appear plumper and smoother. Pair with your preferred eye serum or cream. For optimal results, use consistently to help prevent deeper wrinkles from emerging.⁠ When you place these patches on your skin along with your chosen eye cream or serum, occlusion occurs, locking in moisture and noticeably plumping fine lines. Simultaneously, the gentle compression from our reusable patches help to even out existing wrinkles.

◦ May be worn for a few hours or overnight
◦ Can be reused for up to three months
◦ Hydrates and nourishes skin
◦ Vegan
◦ Silicone

How to Use

Peel off the plastic film and apply the patch. May be worn overnight or for up to a few hours during the day.

Use with your favourite eye serum or cream.

To remove, hold the skin taut with one hand and use the other hand to gently remove the patch.

Rinse with water, place the patch back on the storage shield (adhesive side down) and store on the seal. 

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