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Pro Lash Adhesive by Lashforever Canada

Pro Lash Adhesive by Lashforever Canada

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Our Pro Lash Adhesive was formulated in 2012 in Canada and to this day remains the same in the formulation. This is one of the industry's most trusted and purchased lash adhesives on the market. We order our adhesive in smaller batches to guarantee we sell you the freshest formula possible! 


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Medical-grade
  • Registered as a cosmetic with Health Canada
  • Waterproof
  • Designed for quicker applications (dries within 1-2 seconds)
  • Little to no fumes
  • Shelf life of 6 months 
  • Wears up to 3-5 weeks

Temperature 24~25 Degree

Humidity 45-50%


  • Carbon 
  • Cynoacrylate 

How to open nozzle
Our Pro Adhesive are sealed safely shut with no airflow prior to opening. Therefore, it is recommended not to cut the nozzle. We recommend to open with a large pin. Cutting the nozzle head to open can cause too much oxygen pressure to overflow.

If the glue comes up and overflows in the middle of use or if the glue overflows when the lid is opened after use, the air pressure is filled in the product container, and the pressure rises and the glue sometimes rises. 

As you know when you take out the glue, when you tilt the container, air enters the inside. After that, when the air is under differential pressure while standing, the pressure is released as the lid is opened, and the glue rises under the pressure. 

This is a natural phenomenon, and if this is to be avoided, the glue should be removed, the container should be slightly pressed to release air before closing the lid, then closed and stored. Also, if it shakes a lot, set it at room temperature a little bit and make it stable before opening the lid. In addition, the glue that comes up after using the glue should be wiped off and kept as clean as possible.

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