Lash Lift Keratin Perm - Step 2


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Our gentle formula is SODIUM BROMATE FREE! Our Lashlift system was one of the first formulations to launch in the world in 2012.Our chemists began to remove Sodium bromate form our formulation prior to the banning of Sodium Bromate. Our keratin based formula not only lifts your lashes but nourishes the lashes too. 


  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Gentle formulation
  • Nourishing agents to maintain soft brow hair
  • Adds flexibility to brow hair
  • Sodium Bromate FREE 
  • Keratin Perm 10ml - Step 2 Process 5-8 minutes

Lash Lift Keratin Perm is used to perm the lashes and take form a curl from the silicone pad. 

  • Keratin Perm 10ml - 5-8 minutes processing time

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