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Keratin Gold Brow Lamination Kit

Keratin Gold Brow Lamination Kit

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Do not use your Brow Lamination Kit for Lash Lifts. Use products for their intended use only.

Brow Cleansing Foam 
Keratin Gold Treatment Gloss *new*
Brow Lift Adhesive⁠
Brow Fixing Lotion⁠
Brow Perm⁠
Brow Nourishment⁠
Tool Box (Y Combs, Silicone Rods, Mascara Wands)⁠

Offer your clients high-fashion brows in 30 minutes that last up to two months. Our Brow Lamination is designed to give a fuller, bolder brow shape. Our kit services up to 30 clients and does not contain Sodium Bromate. Lamination realigns the brows and gives ”messy” brows uniformed volume.  Our formula contains a protein composition, which includes liquid keratin that creates a protective film around the hair encouraging brow growth.

The Lashforever Brow Lamination Kit is ultra-nourishing to not only keep your client's brows conditioned after the treatment but also offering longer-lasting results. 


  • Sodium Bromate FREE
  • Hypoallergenic 
  • Gentle Formula 
  • 7-10 minute processing time 
  • One of the first Brow Lamination kits to hit the market
  • Kit services up to 30 clients (depends on product use, a little goes a long way)

Keratin Gold Treatment Gloss is an ultra-nourishing treatment infused with keratin and gold (aurum), adding density and fullness to every Brow Lamination. Active nourishing agents offer the ultimate hydration for each brow hair.

This formula is the secret to creating the gorgeous "wet glossy" brow effect after every application; so helpful for taking perfect after shots! 

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