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Classic Lash Extensions - 10-12mm + 11-13mm Mixed Trays

Classic Lash Extensions - 10-12mm + 11-13mm Mixed Trays

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Our exclusive collection of custom-blended silk and mink classic lash extensions. By popular demand, Lashforever Canada created a custom tray of the most widely used lengths in the industry. 

Our lashes are rich in colour with a glossy sheen. Smooth to the touch, your clients will notice the difference between our ultra-lightweight lashes.

  • Extremely lightweight, flexible and the curl of the lash holds beautifully
  • Each lash is lined up in a tray for easy picking and application
  • 16 rows of lashes and over 4500 individual lashes per tray
  • Curls are all unified and tapered to perfection
  • Ultra black
  • For professional use only

Our Lashforever Classic trays come with length indicator strips on each individual row to keep your lashing organized and efficient for mapping. 

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