Brow Lamination Kit

$155.00 hhh $190.00

✔️Instruction Card
✔️10ml Lifting Solution 3-5 min. processing time 
✔️10 ml Fixing Solution 3-5 min. processing time
✔️5 mL Keratin Mascara
✔️10 mL Lamination Glue
✔️Tool Box (5 Y Combs, 10 Lip Brushes, 20 Mascara Wands)

Offer your clients high-fashion brows in 30 minutes that last up to two months. 

Our Brow Lamination is designed to give a fuller, bolder brow shape without microblading or permanent makeup. One of 2 Brow Lamination kits to hit the market, our kit will service up to 30-40 clients and does not contain Sodium Bromate. Lamination realigns the brows and gives ”messy” brows uniformed volume.  Our formula contains a protein composition, which includes liquid keratin that creates a protective film around the hair encouraging brow growth.

The first Sodium Bromate free formulation. Prior to the banning of Sodium Bromate on December 5th 2019, as product innovators for the beauty industry, we formulated a fixing lotion with hydrogen peroxide as the main ingredient.

Why is this more beneficial? Because Hydrogen Peroxide breaks down into water then oxygen. Our new formulation is also ultra-nourishing to not only keep your clients brows conditioned after the treatment but also offering longer-lasting results. 

Why was Sodium Bromate banned? The ingredient was banned on December 5th 2019 in Canada and Italy. Due to the fact that sodium bromate broke down into acid salts which made it very harmful to the clients lashes or brows as well as the technician inhaling it on a day to day bases.


  • Sodium Bromate FREE
  • Hypoallergenic 
  • Gentle Formula 
  • 3-5 minute processing time 
  • One of the first Brow lamination kits to hit the market
  • Kit services up to 30-40 clients 

Want to get trained in Brow Lamination? Our 1-day course includes your pro kit and gives you hands-on experience with in-class models. Toronto dates available, learn more here.


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Brow Lamination Kit
Brow Lamination Kit
Brow Lamination Kit
Brow Lamination Kit

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