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HDi PRO Permanent Makeup Machine

HDi PRO Permanent Makeup Machine

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HDi PRO Permanent Makeup Machine

  • This rotary machine has a custom cordless motor, working at least 3,000 hours.
  • Simple, classic, and the most suitable machine for cosmetic and paramedical permanent makeup. It offers precise line work and shading.  
  • Lightweight at only 82g.
  • Multi-tested by professional PMU artists.
  • Made of polymer materials and requires an RCA jack.
  • Compatible with all standard tattoo power supplies.
  • Seamless frame that protects the inside of the machine.
  • Has an innovative special mechanism that delivers fast response. 
  • Has a membrane mechanism that prevents ink spit back. The membrane and tip of these needles allows artists to enjoy a more fluid tattooing procedure.

The HDi PMU machine includes :

  • RCA jack
  • Adapter cord
  • Cord wrap


  • Rotary PMU machines are typically designed for body art tattoos, however, many artists chose them over digital machines due to affordability and ease of transport.
  • Rotary PMU machine needles oscillate much more than digital machines.
  • Digital PMU machines are gentler on delicate skin such as the lips, face, and eyelids. Rotary PMU machines are ideal for other areas of the body including hips, buttocks, and breast.
  • Digital PMU machines offer more precision and smoother lines. Rotary PMU machines are ideal for feathering and blending needed in paramedical and scar camouflage services.
  • Digital PMU machines may be more comfortable for your client and cause less swelling depending on the technique being applied. Swelling often occurs more in sensitve areas such as lips, face, and eyelids. 
  • Disposable needle cartridges make maintenance and infection control a breeze.
  • Rotary PMU Machine speeds are adjusted using the barrel on the machine; digital PMU speeds are adjusted using a console. 

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