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Revive7 Professional 4-in-1 Kit: Lash Lift, Brow Lamination, Tint & Revive

Revive7 Professional 4-in-1 Kit: Lash Lift, Brow Lamination, Tint & Revive

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Meet your new favourite Lash Lift & Brow Lamination system.

Revive7 Science Professional 4-in-1 kit: Lift, Laminate, Tint, and Revive includes everything needed to enhance lashes and brows. Perform Lash Lifts, Brow Laminations, and Lash and Brow Tints. Revives lashes and brows, too. Each product in this kit is infused with Revive7 Science's triple-award winning formula to nourish and strengthen lashes and brows with every step. Lash Lift and Brow Laminations using Revive7 Science Professional 4-in-1 system last up to eight weeks. From start to finish, your full application time for all treatments is less than 60 minutes offering your clients gentle, fast, and beautiful results. Up to 40 applications.

What it does:
  • Lift and curls natural lashes
  • Laminates brows 
  • Tints lashes and brows
  • Nourishes and strengthens lashes and brows 
  • Lash & Brow Lifting glue 10ml
  • Lash & Brow Keratin perm 10ml
  • Lash & Brow Cream 10 ml 
  • Revive7 Complex 10ml
  • Tint Activator 10 ml 
  • Black Tint ml
  • Brown tint 10 ml 
  • Tool kit ( 2 Ycombs, 10 lip brushes, 10 micro spoolies, 4 eyebrow stencils, 6 pairs of silicone pads)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Incredible results

Blown away by the results! Glad I discovered this kit! :)

Brows and lashes have never looked or felt better

Before I discovered the Revive 7 4-in-1 kit I was not getting the results I knew I could've had and I didn't feel confident in my work. I went through many different professional lines and I can proudly and confidently say that this kit has made all the difference in my work. I am fully confident and proud of the work I am doing now.

The product lasts so much longer than others, it's time efficient AND it has the revive 7 serum in it which you can't find anywhere else.

The biggest thing for me is that my clients are leaving happy, returning and saying that their brows and lashes have never looked or felt better after a treatment. When you start using products you trust, you will feel better providing your services. All thanks to Revive 7.

Best lash lift kit I've ever used!

I haven't tried the lamination yet, but am amazed at what it did for my clients lashes!