OPT Classic Lash Extensions Course


**NEW** Introducing OPT at Lashforever Canada. Online Personalized Training with optimal results and endless opportunities. OPT is Lashforever Canada's answer to the growing need for flexible, specialized, online and personalized training. 

By enrolling in Classic Lash Extension training through Lashforever Canada's OPT system, you will study Classic Lash Extension theory online and practice, all from the comfort of your own home or salon, and at your own pace!  

Complete the online portion of the course on your own schedule, and then attend your selected Classroom Model Day at Lashforever Canada's training facility. Your Classroom Model Day is a review of your practice work and two model applications under the close supervision of our expert trainers. 

Registration* includes:

  • unlimited online course access
  • professional starter kit 
  • ongoing student support
  • 1 model day
  • Lashforever Canada certification***

You'll need:

  • internet access and computer or tablet
  • two models for your Classroom Model Day**

*OPT course fees are due in full upon registration

**Requests to change enrolled class date with less than 2 weeks notice of original date will be subject to $150 transfer fee

***Once all the training is completed, students must complete two additional models outside of class and submit before and after photos for evaluation and certification

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OPT Classic Lash Extensions Course
OPT Classic Lash Extensions Course
OPT Classic Lash Extensions Course
OPT Classic Lash Extensions Course

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