Lash Lift Keratin Kit


Our Keratin Lash Lift Kit is the first Sodium Bromate free formulation in Canada. Prior to the banning of Sodium Bromate, as product innovators for the beauty industry, we formulated a fixing lotion with hydrogen peroxide as the main ingredient.

Why is this more beneficial? Because Hydrogen Peroxide breaks down into water than oxygen. Our new formulation is also ultra-nourishing to not only keep your client's lashes conditioned but offering longer-lasting results. With only having to process your clients in less than 8 MINUTES!

Why was Sodium Bromate banned? The ingredient was banned on December 5th, 2019 in Canada and Italy. Due to the fact that Sodium Bromate broke down into acids salts which made it very harmful to the clients lashes or brows as well as the technician inhaling it on a day to day basis. 


  • Sodium bromate-free
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • 5-8 minute processing time
  • Gentle keratin formulation
  • Made in the USA
  • Worldwide Health Regulation Approval 
  • A kit can service up to 35 clients (a little product goes a long way)
  • Airless pump which saves the product 

What’s different?

  • Softer formula with longer-lasting results.
  • Our new formulation does NOT contain sodium bromate.

What's included?

  • Lifting Glue (10mL) 
  • Keratin Perm (10mL) 5-8 mins processing time
  • Setting Lotion (10mL) 5-8 mins processing time
  • Nourishing Gel (10mL)
  • Silicone Eyepads in small, medium & large 

We recommend pairing with our HDi Brow & Lash Brush! 



Lash Glue MSDS

Keratin Mascara MSDS

Fixing Lotion MSDS

Perming Lotion MSDS

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Lash Lift Keratin Kit
Lash Lift Keratin Kit
Lash Lift Keratin Kit
Lash Lift Keratin Kit
Lash Lift Keratin Kit
Lash Lift Keratin Kit
Lash Lift Keratin Kit
Lash Lift Keratin Kit

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