Revive7 Retailer Account


 Revive7 retail accounts unique benefits: 

♥ The Revive7 Collection is a PROVEN product family of lash serum, brow serum, and mascara that you can purchase and sell online

♥ Revive7 retail accounts have profit margins of up to 67%

♥ Earnings of up to $7000 from initial account deposit

♥ Sell a safe, gentle and effective product. The only lash and brow serum to deliver results within 7-14 days without harmful ingredients

♥ Revive7 retail accounts receive exclusive access to limited edition special offers

♥ Revive7 retail accounts have access to always current, always FREE digital marketing

♥ Bi-weekly retailer exclusive newsletter updated with sales support, updated photos, and fresh marketing ideas

♥ Ongoing sales support and monthly retailers' zoom call

 Made in Canada

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