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Amiea - The Evolutionline

Amiea - The Evolutionline

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Lava: 2 EXP: 5/2025
Mud: 1 EXP: 7/2024
Ginger Flower: 3 EXP: 7/2024
Rose Peony: 1 EXP: 11/2024
Star Cluster: 1 EXP: 10/2024
Nude Orchid: 2 EXP: 12/2023

All brown tones are perfect for creating eyebrows. You can use subtle shadow techniques and color density above the arch of the brow to create extremely natural-looking Ombré results: soft and powdery at the edges and with additional definition and depth where it counts.

All eyebrow colors have an internal corrective factor to balance out possible red or gray healing skin. Thanks to the combination of organic and inorganic colors, your clients can look forward to extraordinary healing results following the treatment. The iron oxide ensures long-lasting color-fastness. This means less finishing work – a real advantage for your clients.

Look out soft lips! Your clients will love Evolutionline, especially when it comes to mouth treatments. After all, color accuracy is especially important in this region and means fewer and shorter treatments, and greater convenience. The fact that the healing process is significantly reduced by the special formulation of the colors is another clear advantage. Our colors do not change; they only get slightly lighter. The color tone remains rich and intense.

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