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Amiea Cartridges

Amiea Cartridges

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The Supreme Cartridges are compatible all systems with Supreme handpieces.

amiea offers a wide range of different needle configurations so that you can find the perfect cartridge for all types of treatment. Thanks to the high quality standard and finest surgical steel, trauma to the skin is kept to a minimum. Less injury, better color insertion and optimum outcomes. A special tension-spring membrane seals the backflow of any fluids. This patented seal prevents contamination and provides you with the reassurance of total safety. And your clients will love your work even more as a result.

We have implemented strict quality control processes and inspect each cartridge to make sure it meets our high demands. They have been designed for single use, so that you always know that they are sterile. They are also state-of-the-art in terms of handling: they can be quickly and easily affixed to the handpiece.
  • The finest quality, made in Germany
  • Strict production controls
  • Guaranteed batch tracking
  • The strictest quality control processes
  • Fast replacement of colors and needle cartridges
  • Validated sterilization procedure
  • Single-use cartridges
  • Stable, precise needle guidance
  • The highest safety and hygiene levels thanks to the patented safety membrane
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